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Only by being part of the circle can one see and experience the unity and shared direction beneath the external appearance of opposition and contradiction. One of these errant perspectives on her life suggests that it was one of smooth unruffled professional and public success amid privileged circumstances. That view goes something like this:.

She had no formal theological training or religious education, held no university degree, and lived a conventional upper-middle-class life in Kensington, complete with yachting holidays, trips abroad with her mother, a genteel social life replete with servants, cats and tea parties.

She is nevertheless, albeit sometimes reluctantly, acknowledged to have been an extraordinary scholar and linguist. Her groundbreaking work Mysticism, published , is considered a classic and has never been out of print in more than a century. Her other massive scholarly work Worship published in twenty-five years later , remains a standard text for the study of liturgy.

She was the first woman outside lecturer in religion at Oxford, , the first woman invited to give a lecture to Anglican clergy, the first woman to be included in a Church of England commission.

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She was enormously influential in the Anglican retreat movement between the wars, conducting several retreats a year, usually at her beloved Pleshey, a retreat house in the Essex countryside. Her most abiding legacy remains not her scholarly works but those retreat addresses, mostly gathered, edited and published after her death by her friend and colleague Lucy Menzies. That is one way of seeing her life from the outside of the circle.

Another way her life can be—and has been—seen from the outside, is as having an uneven, even broken trajectory, that ended in disarray. Yes says this perspective , Underhill enjoyed a period of remarkable, even brilliant, productivity and promise. Furthermore, after her successes and popularity in the s and 30s, everything seemed to unravel at the end of her life: she strongly and publicly embraced pacifism before and during World War 2 a wildly unpopular position that cost her reputation dearly ; the asthma that had plagued her whole life became debilitating; she ended her life ill and in exile from her beloved home, in some of the darkest days of the war.

Thanks almost entirely to Dana Greene, we can step inside the circle dance.

But if we could stand inside the circle, we could see and know the whole reality of its integrated motion, its dynamic unity. What can look from the outside, like mere pain or failure, weakness, brokenness, darkness, is an essential part of the mysterious growth of the spirit. In Mysticism, Underhill uses the classic 3-fold paradigm of the mystic way—purgation, illumination, and unification—but expands it to a 5-fold scheme, significantly adding a stage of conversion at the beginning and a stage of surrender between illumination and unification. But the whole process remains in that approach essentially esoteric, philosophical and psychological, largely private and inward, otherworldly and universal rather than explicitly Christian.

The structure of the Spiritual Life published in , is on the other hand both less esoteric and simpler—a 3-fold pattern of adoration, adherence, and cooperation—and deeply Christ-centered. Based on the 17th c. Adherence means what it sounds like: a passionate clinging to God, a deep union. The third stage of the spiritual life is cooperation: our whole lives offered in sacrificial love as living intercessions for the world God longs to mend and save.

Contrary to popular academic opinion, she did not just write about it; she lived it. The question is how did that change occur in her? What moved her from the esoteric and abstract to the concrete, personal and passionate? In any event, she would have been prevented by the Official Secrets Act from the relief of speaking of this to anyone. One entry contains a poignant insight that was definitive for her and has become important personally to me, of the way we are connected to God in our ministry of intercession:.

So must we. Perhaps the secret of intercession is just this outstretching to others while we adhere to God. Whether or not Underhill had this painting in mind, it is a powerful image of Jesus and the lost sheep, and of the simultaneous clinging to God and reaching to another that is indeed at the heart of intercession. Two days later, in the same retreat, Evelyn recorded what has become one of my favorite passages in all her writing, and certainly my favorite mental image of her:. It was some time after that quiet nighttime solitude that she included in her personal collection of prayers, this one by Rabia Basri, an 8th c.

And here I am alone with you.

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She expressed it in active terms of great energy, explicitly electric:. That image of an electrical current that we receive from God and transmit to another in prayer is a kind of riff on the image of the Good Shepherd: clinging to the Rock with one hand and extending the other to someone who needs a living connection to that Rock. Square, tight copy with small book label on inside front cover, white inside covers, pages are lightly age-toned, full lamination, hairline crack across spine, tiny puncture mark on spine, very small upper front cover corner crease, crease on upper back cover near spine, light reddish stain on back cover edge.

Mentor book MD has two different cover prices, 50 cents and 75 cents, both state First Printing January More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Dodd Mead About this Item: Dodd Mead, Dust Jacket Condition: Fair. Light wear to the boards; pages yellowed; sound binding; good overall. The jacket is heavily creased, chipped and torn; discolored.

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The book is printed in black and white. Illustrations if any are also in black and white.

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Sewn perfect bound for longer life with Matt laminated multi-Colour Soft Cover. The content of this print on demand book has not been changed. Each page is checked manually before printing. Fold-outs, if any, are not included. If the book is a multi volume set then this is only a single volume. This is a reprint of a very old book so there might be some imperfections like blurred pages, poor images or missing pages. Seller Inventory S From: Gyan Books Pvt. Delhi, India. Reprinted in with the help of original edition published long back [].

As these are old books, we processed each page manually and make them readable but in some cases some pages which are blur or missing or black spots. If it is multi volume set, then it is only single volume, if you wish to order a specific or all the volumes you may contact us. We expect that you will understand our compulsion in these books. We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure so we brought it back to the shelves. Hope you will like it and give your comments and suggestions.

Language: eng. Seller Inventory PB Language: English. Published by Penguin About this Item: Penguin, Small inked gift inscription on dedication page. Pages are tanned. Colour is a bit chipped at lower corner of spine. Canadian orders ship from Ontario. Published by Marvel, United States. About this Item: Marvel, United States. Condition: See Pic. Please view my Ebay store for more comic books, original art, and other collectibles. Seller Inventory ZZN.

Published by Pocket Books About this Item: Pocket Books, Light foxing to front endpaper. Published by Osprey Publishing, Reading, Berkshire No Jacket. Following the meeting, Tuon declares herself Empress and prepares a surprise attack against the White Tower.

Graendal's hiding place is traced to a remote palace. Confirming her presence, Rand uses the Choedan Kal , a powerful magical artifact, to eliminate the entire building with balefire , a magic that wipes the target from time. This horrifies Min and Nynaeve al'Meara and they turn to Cadsuane for help. Nynaeve, under the instruction of Cadsuane, locates Tam al'Thor , Rand's father, who meets with Rand in an attempt to break his emotional isolation. Rand becomes angry when he learns that Tam was sent by Cadsuane, nearly killing his father before fleeing in horror at what he had almost done.

Rand Travels to the Seanchan-held city of Ebou Dar , intending to destroy their entire army, but he becomes reluctant to act after seeing how peaceful the city is. Nearly mad with rage and grief, he Travels to the top of Dragonmount , the location where he killed himself in a past life.

Angry at the futility of life bound to the Wheel, he uses the Choedan Kal to draw enough power to destroy the world. Lews Therin , a voice in Rand's head from his past life, suggests that by being reborn one has the opportunity to do things right. Agreeing, Rand turns the power of the Choedan Kal against itself, destroying it. Rand is finally able to laugh again. The second main plot thread follows Egwene al'Vere, leader of the rebel faction of Aes Sedai.

After her capture by the White Tower in the previous book, Egwene works to undermine Elaida a'Roihan 's rule and mend the strife it is causing in the White Tower. Egwene returns to her room to find Verin Mathwin , who announces that she is of the Black Ajah. Taking advantage of a loophole in the oath Verin had sworn that she could not betray them "until the hour of my death", she fatally poisons herself, allowing her to use her last hour to reveal everything she has learned to Egwene.

Verin explains that although she was forced to swear to them or face death, she used the position to research the Ajah. She gives Egwene a journal detailing the group's structure and nearly every member before succumbing to the poison. When the Seanchan attack the White Tower, its fractured state prevents an effective defense. Many Aes Sedai are captured or killed until Egwene, leading a group of novices, succeeds in driving them off.

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They find her so exhausted that she cannot protest when they extract her against her orders. After awakening in the camp, she argues that they may have ruined her chances to gain credit in the Tower for the defeat of the Seanchan. Egwene begins to expose the Black Ajah among the rebels, requiring every sister to re-swear her allegiances. Fifty sisters are exposed and executed, while twenty are able to escape. Taking advantage of the weakened White Tower defenses following the Seanchan raid, the rebels prepare an immediate attack. The rebels return and they begin rebuilding the Tower.